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Boring machine for blocks and cylinder liners model AC-650

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Precision, fast operation and reliability are the main features of the new AC 650 and AC 650M Cylinder Boring Machines.
The two models, dimensionally and structurally alike, only differ in the table drive system: manual traverse on the AC 650 and power traverse on the AC 650M. 
Although they have been designed for reconditioning of small and middle-sized I.C. engine blocks, they can profitably be used also for other jobs such as con-rod and bearing housing boring, etc.
On the AC 650M, with power table trav-erse, it is possible, by using a milling cutter, to resurface the contact surface, of cylinder blocks and heads as well as manifolds in either cast iron or aluminium. All of these operations are performed in the most rational way and with the utmost fastness as both models are equipped with a special device which allows fast boring spindle change and gives the  possibility to preset the tools out of machine for subsequent machining.
Вертикально-хонинговальные станки - Berco:
Расточной станок для блоков и гильз цилиндров модели AC 650
AC 650 / AC 650M

working capacity:
AC 650AC 650M
The range of bore diameters 31-155 мм 
31-155 мм 
The maximum depth of the bore350 мм 
350 мм
The maximum width of milling300  мм
300 мм
Maximum length of milling750 мм
750 мм
dimensions and weights:

2570  мм
2570 мм
1175  мм
1175 мм
1920 мм
1920 мм
1240 kg1240 kg
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